Frequently Asked Questions about IPv6

What is IPv6

IPv6 is the replacement of the current IP system. NO big difference for end users except the number of public IP addresses are much much more than conventional IPv4 protocol. Not memorizeable as IPv4.

IPv4 Style doesn't work

You need to have square brackets enclosing the IPv6 address to reach a web site through its IP: You can try http://[2a00:7300:1::4]

How can I get an IPv6 Address

If you are an end user, you may ask your service provider to get one (if their infrastructure is ready). or you can use public IPv6 tunnels.

How can I get IPv6 enabled Dedicated Server

VeriTeknik offers IPv6 enabled Dedicated Servers, check:VeriTeknik

What is Teredo

Teredo is an IPv6 tunnel behind IPv4 networks to connect other IPv6 networks. IPv6 packets sent over IPv4 UDP(User Datagram Protocol).Mostly used in the absense of 6to4 border routers.

What is ISATAP

ISATAP (Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol) is also used for transition of IPv6 traffic on top of IPv4.